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We Buy

We purchase surplus stock from anywhere in the UK in large or small quantities.

There are many reasons why successful businesses need to dispose of stock. DealRite are experienced buyers of surplus stock caused by over production, discontinued or slow moving lines, unwanted stock due to rebranding, stock nearing the end of shelf life, and customer returns. 

We understand that storage is often limited and is expensive and therefore selling surplus stock can improve both cash flow and profits.

We also offer additional services such as de-branding of stock before resale or restricted onward-sale. 

We have a large network of buyers, both in the UK and overseas, which enable us to offer competitive pricing for your stock which can lead to a higher return to you than time-consuming sales promotions.  

We have considerable experience of purchasing stock from companies in administration, either directly with the company or via appointed administrators. We can manage full warehouse and/or retail premises clearance.

We have many satisfied customers from large corporates to smaller owner managed businesses.

Please contact us if you have any of the following:

  • Surplus stock 

  • Liquidation Stock

  • Abandoned/unpaid warehouse consignments

  • Cancelled orders or returns 

  • Insurance salvage/damaged cargo

  • Frustrated imports/exports

  • Factory seconds

  • Slow moving stock 

Contact Us Today

07411 631402
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